Moody’s Prep School is one of the oldest private sector Schools in Rawalpindi. It was established in April 1980 with the objective of providing a strong base for primary students. Operating from a single campus under the watchful eye of its founder and Principal, Moody’s has established a stellar reputation in the market and stands today as one of the most respected Preparatory schools in the city.

With a team of highly trained and experienced teachers with over 20 years of teaching experience, the school provides a strong academic base for the primary level students. Moody’s today, offers one of the best student/teacher ratios amongst all the private institutions of the city.

Our students have gone on to achieve academic and career success across all walks of life and many of them have returned to us when their children have needed an education. At Moody’s we are proud to be a part of not just one but multiple generations of our students lives. Join the family today to see how your child can achieve excellence.