At Moody’s Prep School our focus is on the quality of education that we impart to our students. It is about creating a foundation that the future of each and every child can be built on.  Our objective is to make sure that our students can achieve their long term academic objectives. Children learn through a combination of strong classwork, rigorous revision programs and a challenging curriculum. We can confidently say that our students are at academically at least one year ahead of any other institution offering similar programs.

We also believe that education cannot be restricted to the classroom alone. Parents must be partners and supporters in the process – encouraging their children to aim for excellence. Their support is critical in making sure their children reach their goals. We make sure that any work that your child brings home has been repeatedly completed in class – the task of the parent is to monitor them during their study time at home.

Finally, we encourage parents’ regular interaction with the teachers to monitor their child’s progress. For this purpose, those parents who want to meet the teachers can do so on first and last Friday of the month.

At Moody’s we are proud of our legacy and look forward to continuing to work together with our students and their parents to deliver the same level of excellence that has been our hallmark for nearly four decades.