school in Rawalpindi

When I started the Moody’s Prep school in Rawalpindi 1980 my only focus was on providing a place where children could learn and thrive, a place where a strong foundation for their future could be created. Today, Moody’s Prep School still stand by that original aim and philosophy and is considered one of the most respected preparatory schools in the city.

Unlike many of its competitors and any other school in Rawalpindi, the focus for Moody’s has never been financial, it has always been on the better education of our younger generation. As such, it has built and maintained its reputation for excellence.  This is why I remain fully involved with every aspect of the educational process, ensuring that the standards we have established over the past decades is maintained. Our graduates, young scholars of yesterday are now performing with excellence in their respective professional lives. We feel blessed to have been contributing to the betterment of the society and still are struggling for the same.

At Moody’s Prep School we work with parents to build a strong academic foundation for your child, one that will support them not just for their first few years but throughout their academic lives. Students from our school go on to attend some of the best senior schools in the country and continue to excel.

I want to emphasize that at Moody’s educational excellence is at the heart of our philosophy.  Our students are at least one year ahead of competing institutions in their academic learning and to achieve that goal we have high expectations of both them and their parents. Our unique teaching style means that we have to work as a team to achieve results.

Finally, I would like to say “Welcome” to our students old and new. Let us work together to make your time at Moody’s the foundation of your bright and prosperous future.


Mrs. M. Asif